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Ever hear of a spell check or a proof read?

What really bugs me about movies on Newgrounds is that so many people just get to the end or close to the end of their flash movie and just say to themselves "okay! It's done! Quickly to upload it!"

A simple spell check or a proof read would alert you to several major errors.

In this movie, "there" was used where "their" should have been used. A simple grammatical error such as this goes to show the uncaring attitude the author portrays.

More effort and you could have some high scores, your art isn't half bad.


Jessehurts wrote:

"for the love of god animate something funny or violent against humans next time. that just totally killed my buzz"

Wow, doesn't that say something about our society? We'd rather see I person killed, than a dog killed. I won't deny it, I feel the same way. Seeing an animal going through pain is very distressing, and not seen all too often in movies or on TV. Human pain and suffering however, we see in excessive amounts. Enough to desensitize us to feel any remorse over a human who has been blown up.

In real life, however, if it were a life and death situation, a human's life is worth much more than any animal's life, and the general populace knows that. In the media however, we tend to think the opposite... Strange how desensitized we've all become.

That said, I really liked the art and animation in this flash movie. For what it's worth, I do believe this style is one of the more advanced and profound here on Newgrounds.

Keep up the good work, but, in the future, less violence - toward anyone, man or beast - would be better for probably all of us in the long run.


holy cow man,

love the frame by frame, i can appreciate the amount of work you put into this. but by the time this was over, i TOTALLY got out my old "smash" record by the Offspring. thanks for rekindling this classic punk record for me!


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Absolutely LOVE IT!

I've played a many flash games, but for 7kb, this game beats 'em all!

my personal best right now: 303,729

i'm proud of that!

you asked for it....!

...And yes I did go, both unto their own varying degree; "Kewl" or "Cool", and "Wow." Very impressive. Something like this could become an engine of the next generation of flash games, and you've definetly got a hold on the niche. Keep on the good work!

Oh, and just a side note, the music, very fitting. Magical, which this game exactly was.

you pass

you pass, but unfortunetly it was not entertaining enough for me to forget about the seven dumplings i had in the oven and therefore i got them with them burning and causing a smoke filled room to ignite into a burst of flames unto which i hath no consent for the fellow man whose will t'was for me to adorn the women of old with jewelry.


T'was a dark and story night (isn't it always?) and in a fury of corrupt experiments gone awry, I was born. I am part human, but part Flash designer. Sometimes I make movies (Superheroes) with my friend Ryan. We make eachother churn out ish.

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